Rosewater Toner 120 ml Wholesale



Key ingredients : 
Rose floral water is known to help maintain the skin's pH balance and also controls excess oil. This may help in reducing wrinkles and maintain a younger look.
 Natural source of antioxidants – Rose petals contain a number of antioxidants, which help protect the skin cells from damage. Soothes skin irritation and redness – Also, the soothing properties helps in reducing the appearance acne and assist in alleviating skin irritation as well.

Witch Hazel Distillate can cleanse, regulate the skin’s oil production, eliminate excess sebum, nourish, tighten, tone, soothe, and reduce the chances of future blemish outbreaks. It reduces swelling, calms irritation, minimizes the look of enlarged pores, and promote the skin’s radiance.
Tea tree  has the potential to restore skin complexion and improve the look and feel of blemished skin is also demonstrated with use on the acne-prone skin on which it slows the look of aging with its powerful antioxidant action. 
Spritz onto a cotton pad and wipe skin after cleansing. 
Can be used daily.