Are your products safe for children?

 Yes, we specialize in products for children. 

 Will your bath bombs stain my tub or leave an oily residue?

 Our bath bombs will not stain you or your tub. We use high quality bath safe lake dyes meant for bath bombs. We also use an ingredient that disperses the color and oils throughout the water eliminating any greasy slick.

It is always recommended to give your tub a quick wash to remove any possible soap residue beforehand. Rinse when you are finished bathing and that’s all the cleanup ever needed.

 Usage instructions

 Our bath bombs are intended to go into a full tub of water.

Please do not handle directly in a small dish of water - as ingredients would be concentrated and not safe for its intended use!
Avoid contact with cuts or scratches as it may irritate.
Use good judgment when small children are bathing and make sure bath bombs have a sufficient amount of bath water to dilute safely.

 If you have allergies or certain sensitivities, please contact us before purchase to discuss

 Do you offer wholesale pricing?

 Yes we do, for more information look at our wholesale page.

 Do you offer local pickup in Winnipeg?

 Yes, we do, select pickup at checkout. We are in northwest Winnipeg 336 Keewatin street.

 Can I get a particular toy in my specialty bath bomb?

 We produce in small batches and once a bath bomb is made, we no longer know what toy is inside. 

 Do you do wedding favors and shower gifts?

 Definitely. The quantity, budget per item and colors or items to include will get the process started. We need several weeks to produce. Contact us for more information. 

 Do you offer Gift Boxes?

 Seasonally we offer gift boxes as part of our collection. 

 We can create a custom gift package for you of any size and wrap it beautifully to send to a recipient of your choosing. Message us for details.

 Can you guarantee my item will arrive by a certain date?

 If you have a time sensitive gift, please contact us beforehand to confirm it can be sent to arrive in time. We recommend ordering 3 weeks in advance to allow for shipping delays. We also offer an expedited shipping option for last minute gifts. 

Unfortunately shipping delays are out of our control and we cannot offer refunds due to delays.

We also strongly recommend you DOUBLE CHECK your address especially if you or the recipient has recently moved. Your old address may be in your shop account or PayPal account. 

We make every effort possible to ship as quickly as possible and get your items to you in the timeliest manner possible.

Do your products contain gluten or nuts? 

We do not use any products that contain gluten or nuts.