Our Story

Crafted Bath is where we started but it's not where we stayed.

When we first started Crafted Bath in 2015, we wanted to make unique products with only the best ingredients that we knew we could trust.

When you get to hold Boom products in your hands, we want you to feel a deep sense of care and intention that we craft our products with. πŸ’–

Here’s what we value in our process - from dreaming up our products to getting them in your hands. 🫧

πŸ’₯ Quality Craftsmanship: BOOM is committed to producing handcrafted, high-quality bath and body products that reflect meticulous attention to detail and the finest ingredients.

πŸ’₯ Community: BOOM fosters a sense of community among its customers and partners, encouraging connection, sharing, and support among those who share our values and love for self-care.Β 

πŸ’₯ Empowerment: BOOM believes that self-care empowers individuals to be their best selves, ultimately inspiring those around us to be their best as well. We aim to provide products that inspire self-confidence and well-being on an entirely new level.

πŸ’₯ Authenticity: BOOM believes in authenticity, transparency, and providing products that genuinely deliver on their promises.

These values continue to guide us on our mission to provide customers with the ultimate self-care experience and pampering products that align with their core principles.

We want the luxurious and fun vibe of Boom Bath and Body to excite you when you see our products, perfectly packaged, and placed on shelves.

Because that is what we are really about - making and sharing products that add a little bit of sparkle to life's little moments. ✨