Fresh Baked Bread Candle


You’ll love the deliciously comforting aroma of Oven Fresh Bread. At the top, the scent of Fresh Dough and Caraway Seeds will cause your mouth to water in anticipation of freshly baked goodness. The middle note of Warm Butter is like creamy embrace, adding a touch of richness and decadence. Finally, the base note of Warm Baked Bread Accord transports you to a cozy bakery, where the enticing smell of bread lingers in the air. Immerse yourself in the alluring essence of Oven Fresh Bread and experience the irresistible seductiveness of freshly baked perfection.

Always use caution when burning candles , place on a safe surface with a dish or tray underneath to catch any spills and do not leave unattended.
Burn minimum 2 hours to create an even wax pool so your candle will burn evenly each time.  
Trim wick each time and burn a max time of 4 hours each time
Jar can be cleaned and reused for any household purpose.