Boom Bath and Body

10 oz glass jar deluxe botanical salt blend bath soak wholesale

This is a deluxe luxurious bath salt blend in a resealable 10 oz glass jar

We’ve mixed the highest quality salts using
Dead Sea
Pink Himalayan
Solar salt

We then combined it with a gorgeous blend of botanicals

Rose buds
Rose petals
Orange peel

We also added just a touch of an uplifting essential oil blend of lavender bergamot and orange jugs to give it a delicate fragrant aspect

These salts will add a luxury spa experience to your bath routine
The minerals will soothe your skin and help relax tired muscles
Epsom is a great source of magnesium which helps ease aches and stiffness.

Comes in an 10 oz glass jar

Use as much as you like. We recommend a few scoops per bath or fill an organza bag for an easy clean up.

Package colour may vary based on what we are able to acquire from our suppliers due to covid manufacturing shortages at times