Fresh Harvest Fruit & Veggie Wash 355 ml


 355 ml 

Fresh Harvest Fruit & Veggie wash makes for an easy clean for hard produce, such as: tomatoes, apples, bell peppers, etc. This product is made with natural ingredients and helps remove residues, contaminants, dirt and other icky things from produce. 
Antibacterial and anti fungal properties are featured in our combined blend of essential oils. 

Soak hard peeled produce in water  with 15ml for ten min and gently scrub and rinse well. 
For softer peels - spray and gently scrub and rinse well 

Porous fruits such as strawberries and raspberries may absorb the oils - avoid using and rinse those items generously with water   


distilled water , preservative , oregano oil, lemongrass oil, cinnamon bark oil